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Pool heating solar panel kit


What we think

We have installed several different types of panel but now only use Heliocol in all our projects. They are the best quality around and the mounting system is secure, quick and easy to use which means they can quickly be removed at the end of the season if security is an issue over the winter months.


Solar panel heating is the way to increase your pools water temperature basically for free once the system has been installed.

The system utilises the pools existing filtration system to pump the pool water through the solar panels before it is returned to the pool. It's as simple as that.

The system is managed by a control unit that automatically turns the panels off on days when they could be cooling the pool and can also control the maximum temperature of the pool.

The panels can be mounted on a roof, on top of a pergola, on a steel or metal frame or simply laid on the floor. The surface area of the panels in each kit is 65% of the pool surface area that they are listed for.

Each kits contains the panels, connectors, fixing brackets, caps and drain valve as well as the control unit and motorised 3 way valve. To install the kit you will need provide the pipework and valves to connect the panels to your particular pool filter system however we can give you all the help and support you need to install your system.

If you require a kit for a different size pool than those listed then please contact us.  

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