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Enviroswim ES3 Domestic System


What we think.

This has taken pool sanitation to another level from the aligator system. This is the first system we have used that eliminates the need for chlorine in your pool. The enviroswim uses two different cells to sanitise the pool water with no chemicals. We set it up with a dosing pump to maintain PH and apart from the standard water tests we did nothing to the pool all season. Admittedly we lose revenue from chlorine sales but the quality of our clients pools are the priority.

Enviroswim is a chlorine free system developed in Australia. If you are looking for a chlorine free swimming pool then this system is exactly what you need. 

The Enviroswim ES-3 is a revolutionary breakthrough in swimming pool technology that sanitises water without adding chemicals, except for pH balancing requirements. Using a powerful combination of silver and copper electrodes, ionization and ultrasonics, the system removes all the “nasties” from your pool and leaves you with pure, clean water.

Copper is an algaecide. Silver is an anti-bacterial agent. But they don’t have oxidizing properties. If you try to run a pool just on copper and silver, you don’t have anything to break down the organic compounds. So what this system uses for the oxidization part of the process is a combination of electronic oxidisation and ultrasonics.

The ES3 is less harmful, less expensive to maintain and more effective than conventional chlorine-based swimming pool systems.

Please check their website for more information.

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